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The Pearl of Africa

Sir Winston Churchill described Uganda writing in his memoir of Africa “My African Journey”
“For Magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life- plant, bird,
insect, reptile, beast - for vast scale…. Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa”. From the
beautiful south eastern lakeside of the country to the central savannah grasslands of the
country ending in the majestic Ruwenzori snow capped mountains that crown Uganda as the Pearl of Africa.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Home to more than half of the worlds wild Mountain Gorilla population, listed as a World Heritage Site in December 1994. The forest is mist covered hiding ancient and biologically diverse rainforest species such as 346 Bird species, 2oo Butterfly species and 324 tree species with 10 unique to this ancient forest. Activities include hiking and Gorilla Trekking.


Queen Elizabeth National Park

2000 sq Km of Tropical forest give way to green meadows, savannah grasslands and swamp wetlands. The park is rich and diverse in fauna (95 Mammal Species), with the famous tree climbing lions crowned as rulers of the park. Other animals found here include the Uganda Kob, various Antelope species, Elephants, Buffaloe, Hippos, Baboons and Chimpanzee. The park is also rich with 547 confirmed bird species recorded.


Murchison Falls National Park

Uganda’s largest National Park spanning 4000 sq. Km, renowned for its scenic beauty and the spectacular falls which the park takes its name from. The park has a variety of

landscapes ranging from woodland, wetland, savannah and tropical rain forest. This diverse landscape allows the park to host a diverse range of species including 76 mammal species such as Elephants, Rothschild Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, Hartebeest and Hippo. The wetlands provided by the falls also host rare birdlife such as the Shoebill Stork and predators like the Nile Crocodile. The Pabidi Forest in the park is host to primates such as Chimpanzee and also home to 360 species of birdlife.


Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Named the “Mountains of the Moon” by the Alexandrine geographer Ptolemy in AD 15O and as “rwenzori” by the local population meaning “rainmaker” or “cloud king”. Meltwater flows down from the glaciers. And on the lower slopes, all this water supports thick jungle remnants of the dense, steamy forests that once dominated the whole of East Africa. Beautiful scenery is everywhere around this mountain range, from Mt. Stanley Margherita Peak at 5,109 metres above sea level to the lower rainforests that host 70 mammal species including Elephant, chimpanzee, Rwenzori otter and leopard. Though wildlife is difficult to spot in the dense forest, do look out for primates such as colobus (Angola and black-and- white varieties are both present) and blue monkeys; small antelope such as bushbucks; and unusual reptiles such as the three-horned chameleon. This park is ideal for Hiking, Mountaineering, Birding and cultural encounters.



  1. Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  2. Murchson Falls National Park Safari
  3. Chimpanzee Tracking in Budongo Forest
  4. Jinja Source of the Nile expedition
  5. Hiking in the Rwenzori mountains
  6. Game Drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Good to Know

Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Uganda! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Pearl of Africa’’!



Visa Requirements

Visas and residency permits are not available at Entebbe Airport upon arrival. Visitors must apply on the Government of Uganda’s Electronic Visa/Permit Application System website for all immigration services such as visas, permits, and passes at least two weeks prior to travel.

Languages spoken

English, Baganda

Currency Used

Uganda Shilling (UGX; symbol is Ush)

Area (km2)

241,037 km²

The Pearl of Africa

Uganda Tour Packages

Explore Uganda by selecting one of the tour packages below. With a tapestry of landscapes, excellent wildlife watching and welcoming locals, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa. If you fancy a tailor-made itinerary, please get in touch with us so that we can design one for you.

This 3 Days Gorrilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda which protects half of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas
Join us for a 3 Days Kibale Chimpanzee Safari. Kibale National Park is home to the most sought primate; the Chimpanzees, the black & white colobus monkeys, red tailed blue monkey and more.
This 5 Days Game & Chimps Viewing Safari tours Uganda’s largest national park, Murchison fall’s home to the big 5 and Kibale National Park, home to the most sought primate, Chimpanzee.
5 Days Gorilla Trekking & Game Drive tours Uganda’s smallest savannah national park, then trekks for Gorrillas at Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.
This 7 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari combines a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that protects half of the world’s population of the critically endangered mountain gorillas, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Parks.

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