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We are working with the guidelines created by the Kenya Tourism Board to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, clients and communities during this difficult time.

Guests during Corona

Guests during corona.

The principles underlying these protocols include;

  1. Protecting peoples’ lives and livelihoods
  2. Gaining investor and visitor confidence in the country;
  3. Adoption of technologies in tourism and hospitality operations to support government efforts to combat spread of Covid-19;

4. Restructuring the operations of tourism and hospitality facilities to conform to the new normal; and

5. Collaborations between the public and private sector to effectively implement and enhance compliance with the prescribed health, safety and hygiene best practices for the tourism industry.


The Objective and purpose to develop these protocols include

  1. To facilitate a strong and sustainable restart of the tourism sector in Kenya.
  2. To restore confidence of visitors in the destination through implementation of the health and safety protocols to reduce risks in each step of the tourism value chain.
  3. To explain implementation approach of the health and safety protocols to facilitate their adequate implementation in tourism and allied sectors.
  4. To provide a framework of collaboration between the public and private sector to help the sector emerge stronger and more sustainable from the covid-19 crisis.
  5. To rebuild confidence among travelers, and within the sector, so safe travel can resume once restrictions are eased.
  6. To provide consistency to tourism sector players and stakeholders in Kenya and as well as guidance to travel providers, operators, & travellers, about the new approach to health & hygiene in the post COVID-19 world.


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